Friends With Benefits…The Twenty-First Century Relationship?

Since the new age of Grindr, Tinder, and the websites of RSVP and E-Harmony, there are now endless possibilities to find that one person to complete you. It may be for the night, or for many years. But finding that elusive relationship isn’t easy, especially when there are so many vying for attention.

I have three friends who are currently on the dating treadmill. One is a gay 40 something male, and two are straight females who are both in their late 30’s. They have been going on more dates now than in their 20’s. The dates seem to be like job interviews, where they are asked about their five year plan, and whether children and marriage may seem a likely possibility. Then there are some men who really want a relationship, but they really just want sex. It is a jungle out there. Meeting someone for the first time can be a daunting task, and like a job interview, you have only a certain amount of minutes to say what you really want to say to get another date, and only if interested.

For my gay male friend who is trying to mind someone, it’s like a needle in a gaystack. Many think that finding a boyfriend would be easier. Well it is if you just want sex. But for something more, it’s often a difficult road a head full of rejection. Many are lucky to find a guy who has everything they want, but others have a harder road, where they date guys that shouldn’t be dating.

One time, another male friend, a health enthusiast, went out on a date with a guy from Brisbane, where my friend lived at the time. The guy he was dating was, according to his profile, a fitness freak who loved the great outdoors. They met up, and later realised that the guy was not exactly a fitness freak, but someone who had aged quite heavily since his profile was shot, and instead of exercise, he had a penchant for ice. He then understood the quick ageing of the photo, which was taken two years earlier. He left the restaurant and vowed to never date online again.

So with many people dating, and looking for that special someone, I wonder if many can save the heartache and find a good friend who they can extend the friendship and become – ‘friends with benefits’? For those who are busy in their lives, and want no major commitment, such as marriage and babies, then friends with benefits could work for them. It could be a perfect life, where one has their career, great friends, and one to three times a week, they see their special friend. In the US, ‘friends with benefits’ is trending, where more people are now forgoing a committed relationship.

However, sometimes the ‘friend with benefits’ relationship can fizzle if the other person finds someone else. Other issues are the expectation of sex, or if the person wants to pop over for a deep and meaningful, especially when one is too tired. Rules and boundaries are to be set for these reasons. However, since both people are less invested in making it a permanent situation (ie. an actual relationship), think of it as a place to be sexual – to increase fantasy fulfillment, as there is already some comfort level already. Then if the ‘friends with benefits’ thing falters, you can go back to being just ‘friends’.

To Be or Not To Be…Is Marriage Equality the Answer?

Marriage is something that has been around for thousands of years. It was used for business purposes, where land was kept in the family. It was also used as a union between people for love and honor. Marriage has changed in many countries over the years, where it is no longer between the conventional ‘man and woman’. Gay and Lesbian people are now getting married in such countries as New Zealand, England, and of course, The Netherlands. But some, like Australia, are still behind the times in letting their gay and lesbian citizens have the equality that they deserve.

Back in the day, in ancient times, marriage was never about religion or a religious service. You weren’t married before ‘God’, and it was something that many cultures did for many reasons. In Ancient Greece and Rome, and in some regions of China, such as the Fujian province, same-sex unions of marriage were common. They never were looked at as something that was feared. However, when Christianity became the official religion of the Roman Empire in around 342 AD by Christian emperors Constantius II and Constans, all bets were off.

So for 1,673 years in the waiting, is marriage equality the answer?

In Australia, heterosexual de facto relationships have the same laws as heterosexual marriage, except married partners have immediate access to all relationship entitlements, protections and responsibilities. The de factos have to be together for two years to get the same benefits, as the law sees it as ‘more than friends’. This is now the same for same-sex couples since around 2010. So if a gay and lesbian couple are together for more than two years, why do they need to get married, when there are the same protections? A marriage certificate allows easy proof if challenged. This is important for same-sex couples just in case there is prejudice, and legal rights are denied.

However, Australia currently allows same-sex couples to enter civil unions in the Australian Capital Territory, Queensland, Tasmania, Victoria and New South Wales. The Federal Government recognises these state and territory civil unions for the purposes of federal entitlements. These civil union schemes are only open to residents of the particular state or territory which provides them. Some other countries, however, do recognise Australian civil unions, for example, the United Kingdom. The City of Melbourne and Yarra City Council in Victoria and the City of Sydney in New South Wales provide relationship declaration programs. So with all this declaration, why do we need to have ‘marriage’, when we can easily have a civil union that represents the love for one another?

I asked this question to many of my gay and lesbian friends. They said they wanted to be treated like the heterosexuals, where they can get married freely, and show their love to the world. I wondered why one would want to be like the heterosexuals (no offence), especially when divorce rates are still high, where the average marriage is between 5 to 7 years. But they still want marriage equality, as that is the only thing that creates some evenness with both groups. But does it?

When I came out in 1997, I was happy to be gay. I didn’t have to worry about having children or getting married. In my family, marriage was shotgun, due to silly religious rules of the 1970s. I saw marriage as something that is under law, and not ‘God’s Law’. But now the gays and lesbians the world over are having children and getting married wearing kaftans and reciting some special vows in Hawaii. I wonder why I am so confused at why they want to. I do love Hawaii though.

But saying that, I do want gay and lesbians to be given the choice to marry if they so choose. I honestly don’t think it changes their relationship, but it gives them hope that they can be happy when they divide everything 50/50 when they divorce. But that can be done already if they have been together for 2 or more years in a gay de facto relationship. I know, cynical me, but marriage equality isn’t really about marriage at all. It’s about the concept of what we do behind closed doors is normal and nothing special.

But who wants to be normal?

Food Glorious Food

Well it’s a Sunday morning, and I’m eating eggs on sourdough with mushrooms. I’m in a cafe observing people and hearing their conversations. The men are talking about their sporting triumphs, their aims of bench pressing 150kg, and their disliking of our Prime Minister – Tony Abbott. The women are talking about their annoying husbands, boyfriends, girlfriends, children, and whether they should have the breakfast muffin, as they apparently may have reached their caloric expenditure for the time being. The guys beside me question the bread, as they are going carb free. However they give a forensic analysis about their big Saturday night on the wine and spirits. I’m surprised they are here and not in bed. The question to ask, is how did we get obsessed over food?

Food to me is about fuel and enjoyment. I eat for health, but can often eat when bored. I also enjoy eating for fun. It brings people together. But it seems we are bombarded with messages regarding food, health and nutrition, that even the experts can’t agree on. But why is food being used to control. It goes back to body image and weight. The original idea of food, is to fuel the body for it’s daily processes and energy expenditure (I do like that word). The brain needs glucose and good quality fats, and so does the rest of the body. But the public seem to think that, ‘a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips‘. With this subconscious affirmation, it’s not a shock that some people would control their eating habits.

In one of the Royal houses in Vienna, Austria around the 18th Century, lived a Princess that had everything at her disposal. That even included the best doctors. The svelte Princess would take worm larvae. She would eat normally as to the time, and maintain figure for her costume. She would then, at an appropriate time, take the herb Wormwood to excrete the worms from out of her anus. Then she would repeat the action. The point is that body image and weight control isn’t new.

So around three hundred years later, we have so much food on offer, that we have now the trouble with obesity. There are many reasons, but the sedentary lifestyle is probably a factor, as well as the way food is now grown, sold, delivered, and made. Since the 1950s, food was quite basic. Available was meat, fruit and vegetables, wheat flour, milk, butter, cream, and sugar. But the people were quite active in their lifestyles. Then during the past sixty odd years or so, they started to use cancerous pesticides, flavours and additives from a science laboratory, and artificial sweeteners. Food now can be a science experiment that can play havoc on the human body. This is probably another reason for weight issues. The body has to work harder for the increase in toxicity.

Also, in the past twenty years, are the array of diets. There are so many diets now, that I can’t keep up. The new diet is the Paleo diet. It is based on the food that the ancient ancestors may have eaten, such as lean meat, nuts and berries. It is more of a lifestyle, than diet. There are other diets that consist of high protein, low fat, low carb, high protein and high fat, and don’t forget the blood type diets etc. There are so many messages out there, that no wonder people are still confused.

If I was to write a diet book, or a food philosophy book, it would be the 80/20 Principle. Like an iceberg, which most of it is underwater, or even the subconscious mind, which is between 80-90 percent of your mind,  food should be the same. Where 80-90 percent of the time you can eat as healthy as possible. If something so basic has a listing of 3000 ingredients, then don’t bother. But if the food is as close to its natural state, then enjoy it. Then on a particular day, you can eat (in moderation) something that is seen as ‘bad’. My 10 to 20 percent day is having a Magnum ice cream and fried chips (not at the same time). It balances things, and there are no problems with missing out on anything in life. If one was to restrict themselves a hundred percent of the time, then binge eating could result.

The human body requires fuel at certain moments through the day. Many people think that only eating a few times a day will make them slim or skinny. It does depend on their energy expenditure (that word again) and how they move. The body also needs a minimum requirement just to do its normal functions. But eating six times a day gives the body a general balance that doesn’t allow for sugar imbalances. But ti does depend on what you eat of course.

The times for eating are below –

6am – 8am: Breakfast

9am – 11am: Morning Tea

Noon – 2pm: Lunch

3pm – 5pm: Afternoon Tea

6pm – 8pm: Dinner

9pm – 11pm:  Light Bedtime Snack

This is a general guide.

Food should be enjoyed and free from guilt and shame. As they say, guilt and shame are like poisons for the body…and that could be worse than the food itself. Know that food is required for health and wellbeing, but it can also be used to (as I said before) get people together.


Is Monogamy a type of Wood?

Last week, a friend called me wanting to see him over dinner. This friend is hard to see on normal occasions, but I was happy to oblige, as I have not seen him for many weeks. He has been dating this guy for many months. The guy was younger, and more amorous in the bedroom. Anyway I went and met my friend for dinner in the gay ghetto of Darlinghurst. He seemed upset and emotional. I was wondering what the problem was, especially as the younger boyfriend was taking up a lot of his time. So the announcement came, the young guy was seeing two other men at the same time. Not just as shags, but as actual boyfriends.

I was shocked. How could the young guy find the time, and still stay over night many times at my friends place. Like everything in life, there are always signs. I asked my friend if he saw any of them, and he said ‘No’. But the more he thought about it the more he noticed there were.

The signs he said were;

* The battery on his phone would always run out at an interesting time, so no communication could take place.

* He would get very upset if he had to go to a certain place (in Oxford Street, Sydney).

*The young guy would want to be monogamous, and hope that there will be no reason to see other men (obviously a psychological plan)

* Strange messages would appear on his phone.

One night, my friend said, that the young guy was asleep, he did have a hunch that something wasn’t Kosher. He looked at his phone, which was unlocked, and looked at all the text messages. That’s when he realised he was in competition with two others, and others just for sex.

This case isn’t just to do with men, gay or straight, but women too.

Here is a story:

A few years ago, I was working with someone who was happily married with this woman, who he met on speed dating, when it was a thing. They later fell in love and lived together by the water in Kirribilli, Sydney. For work, the girlfriend was working for a multinational finance company. She would pop off here and there for days or weeks. Whilst she was in Melbourne for work, he decided to go to Newcastle for the weekend to see some friends. He enjoyed the accommodations of the newly opened Crowne Plaza, and met his friends nearby. One morning, at breakfast, he noticed what looked to be his girlfriend. He was doing double glances. He secretly hid near a wall in the restaurant. He noticed a man with her. They both looked pretty smitten together. They were holding hands across the table. He was now sure it was her. 

He didn’t do anything. That is until he got out his phone, and called his girlfriend. She answered, and wondered how he was was. He wondered the same. She was saying how good Melbourne was, and how the food is divine. He told her that he was in Newcastle just for the weekend, as it was a quick thought thing. She changed her tone, and was a bit short with him on not telling her his movements whilst she was away on business.

Anyway, he decided to go to Reception and ask for the key to her room. Even though he was staying at the hotel himself, the Reception people didn’t recognise him, as it was new staff starting. He advised his girlfriend was staying. He hoped that the room would be under her name, which it was. He got the key, and looked inside. He wondered if the guy was staying with her, or if she was alone. He lied on the double bed, and waited. 

Twenty mins later, she showed up with the man that he saw earlier. That moment was when the relationship ended for both of them. 

The story goes, the girlfriend was seeing the guy for months, and would regularly go to Newcastle for ‘catch ups’. She said she still had love and affection, but couldn’t be monogamous. 

Does monogamy work, or is it a piece of wood?

There are many stories in every culture and creed of affairs, mistresses, fuck buddies and the like. Are humans really able to be with that one person for a certain time?

My grandfather once had five mistresses on the side at one time. He was a very busy man. My grandmother knew, and was hurt at first, but got used to it. She may have had someone too. Who knows.

With many people looking for love, I often see the issues that come from looking for that one person. In my book, I see Love and Sex as separate. I am sure it can be intertwined, but generally it is separate. Is that why we are confused and try and hide our extra curricular activities. If we were honest, we could have love, and perhaps one night a week or a month, we can have a ‘hall pass’. Some couples actually attend Swinging parties, or other events such as threesomes. Others may go on the internet and look at Porn.

We hear stories from the world of media about people cheating. People that cheat may be doing a natural thing. It’s such a grey area on what cheating really represents. Some say why cheat when you are in love with the one you’re with. But that’s the problem, the love may be there, but they may just want to try a different flavour. I am not saying cheating is right. However, look at earlier cultures of the Greeks and Romans. They used to be with their wives, but would also have urges for men too. It was normal back then. Now, we have swept it under the carpet.

But why do people cheat? There are different circumstances on why. Maybe the sex has dwindled or they are just amourous and need sex more regularly than their partners may want. Maybe they are into both sexes, and have urges for the one they are not with most of the time. There are many reasons why. I do believe Monogamy should be a type of Wood, and not some rule to live by, as most of us have ignored it at one point or another.

Exercise and its Merits

Well last week I was over hearing a group of people discussing their exercise routines and why they were not ‘losing any weight’. They were mainly female. They were wondering why their scales didn’t budge, but their clothes did seem different on them. I was fascinated in their conversations. I was wondering whether we have looked at exercise all wrong. Many people seem to think exercise equates to weight loss or muscle gain, but there is a lot more to it.

Exercise, and any other movement of any kind, gets the body moving. There are seven body systems, and they all work together. When the body moves, the blood flows to all areas of the body. The heart pumps, which creates the blood to flow. The digestive organs do their thing, which leads to better regularity. This is why people who do a lot of movement (say running, walking, skipping, boxing, swimming) have better bowel movements. Everything flows better with exercise.

Sweating is also beneficial when it comes to movement, as it cleanses the skin and gets the body to remove any toxicity through the pores which it can’t do through the bowels. Induced sweating can do the same thing, this often through saunas and steam rooms. I find infrared saunas fantastic, as you feel after the 40 minute session that you have ran 40 minutes non stop. This weekly in-conjunction with the exercise routine can do the body wonders.

The human body was designed for moving. It is upsetting that we have now mastered the art of sitting. Sitting excessively can reduce the flow of the body, and can cause it to become lethargic and increase inflammation over time. There are many business that now have standing desks and also normal desks, but with medicine balls, so the body’s core can get a slight workout during the day.

We have now understood the impacts the body has on 21st century living. Where I live, there are 9 gyms in the vicinity, and that includes some yoga studios. I guess we have the fittest people in the Sydney metro area. But people do their workouts thinking it will give them more muscular bodies, or desired weight loss. But when you change the way how exercise can really help you from beyond the current ideas, you can face the world easily. Exercise increases endorphins in the Brain making you happier and able to think clearly. People can get their best ideas from long walks to running workouts and the like. It puts you in the moment. I have on many occasions been a bit down, but once I get my walking shoes on, and walk for a particular time along the coast, or hiking through the bush, I become happier and the world seems much more positive.

So exercise and movement is not just for weight loss and muscle gains, but it can lead to clear and healthy skin, better digestion, healthier outlook on life, and happiness.


It’s all a Game, but no one really Wins

The Ego is a funny thing. Well not so funny. Sometimes it can be fun and enjoyable, hard and complicated, and at times,  sadistic and cruel. The Ego is playing a game with you. Actually You are playing a game with the entire world.

Your ego loves playing the game. It loves comparing itself to others to see who is winning. To see who has the most money. To see who has the most power. To see who is the best. To see who is happier. To see who is making the most out of their life.

Every person you meet your ego is sizing them up. Deciding who is ahead in the game. But here is the catch. We may make the comparisons but we constantly feel we are losing. We know there is something out there we don’t have. We may not even know what it is. We just have that empty feeling that tells us it is missing.

Guess what?

That empty feeling isn’t going to go away. If we look out into the world to fill the void, the empty space may actually get bigger and bigger. We are chasing something we can never catch. We are playing a game in which there can be no winner. Yet we keep playing the game and sometimes the game flies completely out of our control.

Your mind has over 50,000 thoughts a day. Are you going to tell me you are in control of all those thoughts? Do you even know what those thoughts are? Most are repetitive and useless. The same thoughts that you have over and over every
day, but accomplish nothing. Most just bring worry and misery. Even though you aren’t consciously aware of all the thoughts you know they are there.

You can feel them. There is that underlying current of unease that is in all of us. Sometimes we feel it more intensely. Sometimes in moments of intense anger or grief it can overwhelm us. But even in moments of relative peace we can still feel it lurking in the background. The game keeps us searching, comparing and fighting for relief but there is none. Perhaps brief flashes of liberation, but they are always fleeting.

So is there anything we can do?  Yes! Quit playing the game. Surrender. Just give up. Decide you are not going to play the
game anymore. Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying give up on life. I am saying end the game. Now watch what happens in your life.

Turn your life over to your higher self. Trust in the part of you that is infinite. A part of you that, believe it or not, is omnipotent – all knowing. Why in the word would you want to limit yourself to your finite mind? A mind so cluttered and full of lies and deceit
that it really can’t even see the world for what it truly is.

Accept that you are more than this jumbled mess of thoughts and emotions, walking sometimes aimlessly in a trap of flesh and bone. Realize that you have the ability to access infinite possibilities. Understand there is no need for competition, because everyone has this ability. Everyone is pure unlimited potential. You can coordinate the universe so precise that anything you desire is possible. How? Embrace the unknown and uncertainty. Know that everything you could ever want is
yours for the taking. Just don’t get caught up in the “how” and “why” anymore. Find the joy in yourself. What makes you feel good? Let that feeling guide you. If you are having fun in what you are doing, everything else will take care of itself.

The Devil Wears Prada

Welcome to 2014. Yes, a new year with new beginnings and changes abound for many around the world.

It has been a while since I last wrote on this Blog. There are so many things that have happened since the turn of 2014, that like magic, things have changed in my life somewhat.

Currently I’m wearing my Prada sunglasses (from Thailand), and sipping Green Tea on my verandah in the morning sun realising that I have had the Devil inside me – not literally – but in my head as Ego. Since I was 16, I have been scared of driving. Go forward 18 years later, and with some slight pressure, I decided that 2014 would be the year to start learning. My Ego was giving me the negative scary scenario about how driving is bad and scary and how Sydney drivers are terrible. Well Sydney drivers may be terrible at times, but well it shouldn’t be that scary. So on my recent 34th birthday, I received vouchers for learner driving. A week later was my first hypnosis treatment to combat the fear of driving.

man in car

Weeks later, I was in a car learning how to drive. The Devil inside me (Ego) was gone and I felt that driving is the thing that can open many doors for me – not just in greater employment opportunities – but driving people around, as they have done for me in the past decades.

So 2014 has started with changing myself for the better. Next week I’m beginning Italian lessons.

What have you achieved so far in 2014? I would like to know.


Joy to The World

Currently it is the 31st of October 2013 in Sydney Australia, and it is a general spring day. Today is Halloween, where it is based on a Pagan ideal to celebrate the death of the Sun (Winter is approaching – Northern Hemisphere). However, the Sun will be Born again around the 22nd of December for the 3 days afterwards which would be the 25th of December when  the Sun is alive and the days will be getting longer from that time forward – in the Northern Hemisphere. As I’m in Australia, it’s opposite…the Sun is already alive and well.

Just now I was sitting on my verandah reading and enjoying what the sun has to offer. It gives energy and creates synthesis for plants and trees, so it can give life. But it can also give joy to those who bask in it.

What also can give joy is following your intuition and your sixth sense. Recently I have noted some strange and amazing things that have happened to me and my friends in the past months. With myself, it was seeing scenes of TV shows and movies, and then moments or hours later, there is the scene. Sometimes I would turn the TV on and see the scene I was thinking about a lot earlier.

Also for me, and for some of my other friends, there would be an urge to do something that you wouldn’t question, even though it was at the back of our minds, I would be able to pick certain horses that would win, but with low odds, so I wouldn’t bother betting on it, or that someone will be entering my life again, and I would think about them prior.

I would also notice songs playing and they would attribute to the questions I would be asking about things. Sometimes I would even hear the same song several times a day in completely different locations.

Sometimes I would have a problem and sleep on it, as the Ego sleeps aswell, which means your intuitive self is still awake. I would wake up with the answer, and solution. Many of my friends create their lives from their intuitive dreams, and I am just discovering it.

All About Neem


Recently I was in Noosa, Queensland – a place I fell in love with so much that I am to visit again next year – hopefully February. Whilst I was there, I bought something that I have known about for years, and something  people from the subcontinent use daily for many issues. It’s something that can be used for skin problems, hair issues, as an insect repellent and even to protect tooth decay. It’s Neem.

Neem is a plant. The following are some useful information on the uses of the Neem plant.

  • Bark
    • It is a bitter, cool, acrid, astringent, and refrigerant herb. Useful for fever, loss of appetite, tiredness, coughs and intestinal worm infestation. Helpful for healing wounds and to combat vomiting, excessive thirst and skin diseases.


  • Leaves
    • Are used in the treatment of Vatik disorders (that is neuro-muscular pains) and is also reported to remove toxins, preventing damage from free radicals and purifying the blood as well as beneficial in eye disorders and insect bite poisons.
  • Fruits
    • The fruit is bitter, purgative, anti-hemorrhodial and anthelmintic in nature.
  • Flowers
    • The flowers are used in conditions of Pitta (balancing the body heat) and Kapha (cough formation) and by nature are astringent and anthelmintic.
  • Seeds
    • They are bitter and have anthelmintic (vermifuge – destroys and expels intestinal worms) properties, as well as being anti-bacterial.
  • Oil
    • The oil derived from crushing the seeds is a powerful anthelmintic compound and has a very wide spectrum of action and is highly medicinal in nature, which includes being a spermicidal compound (this action is because of the volatile fraction coded as NIM-76) s as well as anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, etc.

Neem is a one stop shop for everything to heal the body, or even prevent illness. The following are the benefits of Neem Oil, which is from the seeds of the Neem plant.

  • Cuts, wounds, minor skin disorders and mosquito and insect repellant
    • Mix with Vaseline or a carrier oil in a ratio of 1:5 and apply to affected area.
  • Athlete’s foot
    • Add 15 ml to warm water and soak the feet in this preparation.
  • Head lice
    • Mix 50/50 with a carrier oil and massage into the hair and scalp. Leave on for 1 hour and shampoo. Repeat once weekly for 3 weeks or as long as the problem persists.
  • Stop mosquitoes breeding
    • Spray or pour oil on all breeding areas. The oil can be emulsified (to mix with water) by adding normal dish washing liquid to it.
  • Plant protection
    • Add 30 ml to 1 liter of water and add 1 ml of dishwashing liquid. Mix well and spray immediately for plant protection. Do not store the mixture; make fresh formulation for each spray. Spray the mixture on top of all the leaves and on the undersides where insects often hide – you can also spray it around the roots.
  • Lamp oil to ward off mosquitoes
    • Add 5 – 10% oil to any lamp oil and burn lamp normally.
  • Dandruff and itchy scalp
    • Add a few drops to your regular shampoo.
  • Ticks and fleas on animals
    • Add a few drops to your normal pet shampoo (ratio should be 30 ml (1 oz.) to 240 ml (8 oz.) shampoo). (Personally we have found that plain baby shampoo works the best.
  • Warts
    • Apply 1 drop of undiluted oil directly on warts once per day. Watch carefully for any possible irritation, and should that occur discontinue use. Continue for 2-3 weeks.
  • Psoriasis, cold sores, eczema, athletes foot, skin ulcers and other fungal skin conditions
    • Mix 1 tablespoon (15 ml) with 4 ounces (120 ml) carrier oil such as jojoba or grape seed oil and apply twice a day to affected skin. Should skin irritation occur, discontinue use, or make mixture with less Neem oil.
  • Pet and livestock spray for ticks, fleas, mange mites and other pests
    • Mix 1 ounce (30 ml) oil with 1 gallon (3.8 liter) water and add a few drops of dishwashing liquid (to emulsify the oil). Place mixture into a spray bottle or other type of sprayer, and spray animals once every two weeks. (This mixture can be used on indoor and outdoor plants as well as flowers and vegetables.)
  • Cleaning the house
    • Add to carpet shampoos and spray mattresses to kill dust mites.
  • Hand wash
    • Add a couple of drops to liquid hand soap for antibacterial properties.
    • As Neem oil has a rather strong smell you might want to add a few drops of your essential oil to any mixture to mask the smell. Lavender or lemongrass essential oils work well – but you could add your personal favorite.

There is also a product extracted form the Neem leaves in an aqueous form. This is great for the skin, hair, as an insect repellent and much more. It has similar benefits to the oil, but smells much cleaner.

Neem really is a great natural product.

For further Info: